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​교육원 운영 한국어 강좌


The Registration 2023 Fall Semester
Online Language Classes have now closed.

Korean Education Center offers exclusive Korean language classes.


1. Registration


    - Fees: $120 (Regular Classes, Korea Study Prep Class) and $ 240 (Certificate Course)

    - Application Period: June.22, 2023, ~ Aug. 16, 2023 (It may close early when full)

    - Eligibility: Registration is open to residents of NY, NJ, PA, CT, and DE. 

                      Students must also be high school-age or older.


    - Placement: If this is your first time taking our class, please take the placement quiz (click)

                         to confirm your level before registering.

                         (*Please note that instructors can adjust the placement after the exam.)

    [ Suggested courses by score ]

      0-6      Korean 1/1A
      7-12    Korean 1B
      13-24  Korean 2
      25-36  Korean 3
      37-50  Korean 4 (Korea Study Prep)

2. Class Schedule


    - Class Duration:  Aug. 21, 2023, to Dec. 8, 2023 (except, Thanksgiving week)

    - Regular & Korea Study Prep Class hours: Once a week (Total 15 weeks),

                                                                          6:30 pm to 8:30 pm ET via Zoom (Online)

    - Certificate Course hours: Twice a week (Total 15 weeks), 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm ET via Zoom (Online)


3. List of Courses 

   - Korean 1 (Certificate Course): Mon & Wed (Jun Choi): 재외동포를 위한 한국어

   - Korean 1A (Regular Class): Mon (Jiyeon Kim): Active Korean 1 

   - Korean 1B (Regular Class): Tue (Hae Ran Song): Active Korean 1

   - Korean 2 (Regular Class): Thu (Michael Huh): Active Korean 2

   - Korean 3 (Regular Class): Wed (Eunmee Yoon): Active Korean 3

   - Korean 4 (Korea Study Prep): Thu (Beom Lee): No required textbook


* Please note that classes may be canceled due to low enrollment (minimum number: 5); you will receive a full refund in that case.

4. ​Cancellation Policy

At the consulate's decision, any class, including the certificate class, can be canceled if registration is not high enough.  Anyone who was registered would receive a 100% refund.

Students may cancel their registration and receive a full refund (minus Paypal processing fees) if a cancellation notice is received prior to the first class. In addition, students may receive a 50% refund (minus Paypal processing fees) if registration is canceled immediately after the first class. Unfortunately, we cannot offer partial refunds for any missed classes or any refunds for cancellations on or after the second class.

5. Textbooks


The required textbook is listed in the class description.  You are responsible for purchasing your own book and delivering it on time.  

We believe Han Books is the lowest-cost US supplier of the books used in our classes, though we do not otherwise have any connection or knowledge of this store.  See Active Korean.  Some of the Active Korean books have a Workbook version - it is not required unless explicitly stated otherwise in the class description.

6. Class Location

All classes are held online via Zoom. Therefore, you must have a device and internet connection that can run Zoom and a quiet workspace where you can participate without distracting yourself, the instructor, or fellow students.  The certificate program test will be in-person in NYC after the end of the semester.

7. Contacts 



Phone: 646-674-6051

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